Wednesday, September 2, 2009


day 3 done and gone
1st got homework that was really easy
2nd got started on my first real project
3rd had three people mirror me when we did improv
4th cleaned an already clean kitchen
5th talked about sentence structure

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

second day

that is two in the bag. 178 more. ugh ok i can get through this
1st period: i realized about 5 minuets in that i was in a very slow class. 15 minuets on one problem that was simple fractions DANG!
2nd period: got to help more of the people in photo not many kids get to say that
3rd period: notes on Aristotle's thoughts on Drama
4th period:chatting and seating charts. posting papers on the wall to reserve our kitchens
5th period: excellent discussion about the background of Beowulf and how religion affects history and ideology.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Ok here we go

first day of school done i have taken notes just for this blog (is that weird?) ok so here i go
1st period: teachers Feldman and Lewis class: Algebra 1 plus- they are self proclaimed practitioners of sarcasm not much homework on hard days lots on easy days but no more than 40 problems a night so that is nice.
2nd period: teacher Johnson Class : Photo- i started work as soon as i sat down and i got to help people within the first 5 mins. So yeah everyone knows that Loomis is supposed to do Photo but he retired the last day of last year. But that is ok Johnson is an art teacher at CYP so yeah...
3rd period: teacher Takacs class: Drama 1 - not bad today talked about her OCD which was kinda funny. we lamented about the loss of Mrs. W. :( we won't have any productions this year so that sucks. Chris Gutierez is still doing announcements but they are moved to 3 rd period. Carpenter's voice still grates on our ears
4th period: teacher Karapolus Class: culinary- she got kinda mad at us cause after we started talking and catching up with eachother while she was trying to give us her "this is your syllabus" speach
Lunch: met all of my friends again wich was cool. i saw mrs Lopez too. Mr. Buers had a short summer.
5th period class English 4 teacher Mr. Paul- he is mormon cool and nice. he is REALLY tall. not much problem with his class not much homework just lots of writing

off to school

okay so i'm off to school for the last of the firsts till college. this is my last year of high school I am looking forward to bossing aroud the lost freshman. :) I had a realization today i HATE alternative but love indie rock. so yeah figure that out while listening to Rhett and link on yeah gtg to school

Thursday, August 27, 2009

so yeah

I just got 13 fillings in 2 days UGH it sucks they are all cold sensitive and stuff it SUCKS any remedies anyone knows?

Saturday, August 22, 2009


i think i have a stomach bug that was affecting Kathy. oh i never told you the classes i'm taking! this isn't the order but i', taking Algebra 1 +, online government, English 4, Culinary two, Photo 2, Theater 1. there you go i'll give you my schedule on the first day of school. i am going to sit here and listen to music

Friday, August 21, 2009

sam's birthday

this day in history at 1:35:35 pm Sam was born. This morning at 8:00:12 we had lunch at Hoff's Hut food was consumed and life was enjoyed. Sam got free Cake...MMM chocolate(sam is allergic lol) I am looking for this blog and looking forward tho doing this